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Amato artisan workshop was inaugurated in 1926 thanks to the passion for wood of the young Andrea Amato.

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During the 60s, after big investments to buy work spaces, machinery and equipment, the first production plant opened together with the first shop, the Mobilificio Amato.

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In 1997, when Andrea jr and Mario Joined, the recapitalization of the company led to new investments for restructuring the company, re-adapting the equipment to the new standards of security and implementing the most modern production technology.

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Innovation as main priority!
In 1976, Andrea sr. was awarded with the quality mark “Garanzia Italia” for the production and innovation level reached by the company. In 2007, Andrea jr. received the prestigious “Uovo di Colombo” award for business innovation.

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The collaboration with architects, artists and designers constantly broadens the horizons of the company with new designs and an unprecedented production system. The outcome is the successful creation of emotionally effective collections. In 2007, 28 different design patents were granted plus one for invention in many countries of world.

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“Sometimes price is considered the priority so companies head towards the cuts in costs of production to save sales margins and scarifying quality. In other cases, shapes and functions are exaggerated to such an extent that they distort the fundamental role of a door. Our strongest aim is the produce the best version possible of every single piece and keep honoring the excellence of our products. Our prices, indeed, are always quality-adjusted in order to ensure and maintain the focus on our high standards. We do our utmost to honor one hundred years of professionalism and dedication.”

Andrea and Mario with Chris Rucker, designer from New York.