The countless international design patents certify the distinctive features of porteamato doors. Jewel® Design transform all the classic and ever-lasting models giving them a touch of modernity. Jewel® Invention, instead, represent a new and original producing system: combinations of shapes and light effects allow a wide range of personalization according to personal tastes and needs.

Jewel® Design
Innovative, unique, patented. Its prominent shapes seem to be shining under a new evocative and scenic light. It features the innovative system LightThrough: the shining lines create some light effects and transform, this way, its traditional shape into a contemporary and cutting-edge model.

Jewel® InventionIt has become a CULT in porteamato production. Its designing process is unprecedented and, therefore, certified by an industrial patent. The door seems to be a panel through which light can easily cross and its shape and dimension are changeable thanks to the grooves made on it. This way the door reaches a high design level whilst it acquires artistic and spectacular charming.