More than a door…


Nowadays choosing only one specific door for our living space seems an old-fashioned concept: doors can be elected differently for each room to be suited, in line with aesthetical purposes, functional roles or driven by personal feelings. Therefore, the diversification is sought in the door opening systems, sizes, models, finishes, with the aim to achieve a creative and perfectly mixed combination. Attention to details, respect of parts and proportions in the different opening systems, the use of the most efficient accessories and paints, along with international industrial design patents, make the porteamato products truly unique as one and only. The collections are created pursuing the purpose of integration to each other and with the passionate commitment to giving the door a central role in the project of the living space. As a result, the offer of porteamato is always trustworthy and remarkable.
That’s amore for doors the only way of being amato.


Oh my Door! is a collection of doors created not only to break away from the traditional patterns, but also as a tailor-made solution for people that would love to match a different door to each space or to make the difference characterizing one specific area with an impressive and unique door. Oh my door! perfectly complements the other collections and it is also the prêt-à-porter of porteamato_more than a door, projected by architects, artists and designers from all over the world. Driven by their extravagance, inspiration and talent, they were able to transfer into every door of this collection that artistic fascination which has always belonged to canvas. porteamato break into the market with sensational and scenic collections, but still assuring the very same traditional quality and reliability, which are rooted in our almost-100-years-old professional history. That’s how DOOREVOLUTION begins.

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Light through
J Trail
Different twins
Gemelle, diverse.
J Trail
Flush-to-ceiling door, personalized engravings.
Precious wood-veneers.
New design and traditions.
Pivoting door, scenic effect.
Plane mirror.
Twins collections, made to complement each other